Welshman Ncube speaks on being called a ZANU-PF agent

MDC Vice President, Prof Welshman Ncube today spoke to Trevor Ncube on his show – in conversation with Trevor.

Key points from the discussion

  1. Prof Welshman Ncube has been meeting with chiefs across Matabeleland over the past few months.
  2. Mugabe failed to capture the judiciary.
  3. Young people are not registering to vote with enthusiasm.
  4. There is no other alternative route to change besides elections.
  5. Even if the environment is rigged, it is possible to achieve change through elections.
  6. In the past, the MDC has not registered sufficient number of people to win.
  7. Welshman Ncube and Trevor Ncube grew up together in Mzilikazi.
  8. Chamisa’ s biggest challenge if he gets into state house will be to deal with corruption. Everyone in the country believes that they have to do a corrupt deal to get by.
  9. When Mugabe was removed, Welshman Ncube said he was supposed to lead the march but refused.
  10. On the day of the march, the MDC leaders were having a meeting at Tsvangirai’s house. A call came through and a lieutenant general was on the line. Ncube spoke to the lieutenant general who said if they hold a press conference and condemn the coup, the soldiers would be there and they would not like it.
  11. Ncube said with the benefit of hindsight, people could say people could have been done differently when Chamisa took over.
  12. After Tsvangirai’ death, the appointment of Chamisa was done to avoid going to a divisive congress before the 2018 elections.
  13. Its bad to blame Chamisa for acting unconstitutionally. People like Komichi were leading to say lets do it that way.
  14. Ncube says its not true that MDC is the same as ZANU-PF.
  15. The divisions in the MDC are caused by infiltration.
  16. Its not always that people have been bought, some have been deployed for years.
  17. There are state agents everywhere.
  18. The struggle has been long and challenging and people get tired.
  19. Some of the people who jumped on the supreme court judgement were over-ambitious and took a short cut.
  20. All the people who contested in the Gweru congress, who are with the MDC of Mwonzora lost the elections.
  21. One of the most hurtful things said about him is that he is a CIO agent.
  22. Prof Ncube says he has never been a member of ZANU-PF.
  23. The only time he ever bought a ZANU-PF card was when his mother was forced to buy one for him during Gukurahundi.
  24. Ncube said the accusation that he is a state agent was made to delegitimize him.
  25. The split of 2005 was caused by the vote over whether to contest the elections or not.
  26. Regrettably, Morgan Tsvangirai refused to accept the results of the vote.
  27. Ncube said if he could alter history then he would alter the decision he made to break away.
  28. However, if asked to chose to stand by the decision of the collective or to stand by the decision of an individual, he could choose the difficult decision to go with the majority.
  29. After Ncube took over as President from Mutambara, Mugabe refused to swear him in, he said it was difficult but not unexpected.
  30. Ncube said he had a one on one meeting with Mugabe and tried to understand why he was not swearing him in, as set out in the inclusive government agreement.
  31. Ncube said Mugabe told him that he (Mugabe), Morgan and Mutambara were a team and they could not be disrupted.
  32. Mugabe told him that, in his view, it was wrong for leadership to be changed in the manner that leadership of Mutambara has been changed at their congress.
  33. Ncube said he walked out of the meeting feeling that Mugabe felt that if Mutambara could be replaced, then he too could be replaced by ZANU-PF.

About Welshman Ncube

Born – Maboleni Village, Lower Gweru

Primary School – Makulambila Primary School

Secondary School – SDA Lower Gweru Mission ( Form 1)

Secondary School – Luveve Secondary School

High School – Mzilikazi High School ( Form 5 and Form 6)

University – University of Zimbabwe ( Law)

Recruited by Prof Ray Austin at UZ

Masters – University of Oslo

Came back to UZ and started teaching.

Currently Prof Ncube is a rancher, he has a lot of cattle.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.