Temba Mliswa says he forgives Kasukuwere for taking part in removing Gamatox members

Independent Norton MP Temba Mliswa says he has forgiven Saviour Kasukuwere for uniting with Lacoste members to chase away Gamatox members.

Writing on Twitter, Mliswa said, forgiveness is important to move forward in life and politics.

“G40 and Lacoste once united to chase out Gamatox members. I was part of the victims. Kasukuwere as part of G40 and President ED as Lacoste worked together against the supposed third force.

“Today some of the Gamatox members such as Jabulani Sibanda are coming back. It’s normal and expected. Reconciliation is part of life. From my end I expect the party leadership to come out in the open and acknowledge their error in expelling some of us as Gamatox.”

He added that Gamatox members cannot have their names recorded as people who were trying to remove the then president RG Mugabe illegally.

” We cannot have records to our names that we once sought to illegally remove the President. That formality is important as matter of historical rectitude”.

“Nine innocent chairpersons were expelled, the likes of Kaukonde, Gwanetsa, Mvundura, a war veteran, Mushore and so on. There should be closure to this matter through the party bringing back its people. That form of reconciliation is a hallmark of true leadership”

He said It’s disturbing when people actually fight any sign of reconciliation when they should encourage it.

“Some have created conspiracies that Kasukuwere sponsored Hon Mary Chikoka in her Mash West win. Who said Kasukuwere has more money than I have? The President is surrounded by people tarnishing his name. We will expose such kind of people. We can’t have a repeat of Mugabe’s time.”