Family of Pinkie Musoni demands autopsy

Family denies rumours that Pinkie had a botched abortion.

Family of the late Harare socialite, Pinkie Musoni (Precious Mary Musoni) , have reportedly demanded an autopsy to ascertain the cause of her death.

Pinkie died suddenly while admitted for a routine procedure at St Anne Hospital after scans revealed that she had ovarian cysts or fibroids.

Gambakwe Media sources denied that Pinkie had an abortion and said she died of kidney failure.

According to the source, Pinkie started complaining of stomach pains and went to Barnes Avenues clinic where she was attended to by a Dr called Nyekete. Dr Nyekete did a scan on Pinkie, which showed that she had fibriods or ovarian cysts.

After the scan results, Dr Nyekete gave Pinkie some pain killers and told her to go home. When she got home, Pinkie was still in extreme pain and went back to the same doctor on the next day.

She was told to come back on the 12th of January to spend the night at the hospital for a routine procedure that would be performed on the 13th by a urologist. The total cost of the procedure was about USD1200.

On the 12th of January, Pinkie went and spent the night at St Anne’s Hospital, but died in the early hours of the 13th. Doctors at the hospital say she died of kidney failure in the early hours before she was attended to.

Family members are reported to be unhappy with the story being told by the doctors involved and are demanding a full autopsy.

The source revealed that none of the family members have seen the scan results that were given to Pinkie at Bairnes  Avenue clinic.

At the time of her death, Pinkie was traveling to and from hospital with her teenage daughter.

Her boyfriend, Lenon, with whom she lived in Hatfield, was reportedly out of the country and flew back to Zimbabwe after he was informed of her death by St Annes hospital.

Pinkie was born on 15 August 1984 and was employed by ZIMRA. She recently lost her husband, who passed away some time ago before she started dating Lenon, the driver of a popular Harare Prophet.

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