SA Media investigating Passion Java ‘s R1. 3 million champagne bill

South African media is baffled after their investigations into PASSION Java ‘s R1. 374 945 Million restaurant bill hit a brick wall.

The Star Newspaper said their attempts to talk to the 012 Lifestyle restaurant owner failed, and staff were instructed not to comment on the issue.

Passion Java’s bill is trending after it was posted on social media.

Java’s bill, which was shared on social media, included :

100 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose champagne

50 bottles of Veuve Rich Champagne

20 bottles of Dom Perignon Luminous Champagne

3 bottles of Glenfiddich 23 year old Whiskey

13 cans of coke.

For food, there were two platters costing R550 and R650.

A manager at a nearby restaurant in Time Square Casino told the newspaper that he was surprised at how 012 Lifestyle got the 20 bottles of Dom Perignon Luminos as it has been out of stock in South Africa since November 2021.

Time square casino, near the Brooklyn restaurant, 012 Lifestyle, where Java spent R1 374 945 million on champagne and whisky