Jean Gasho shows off her daughter Lady Nakai

United Kingdom based writer Jean Gasho has showed off her beautiful daughter Nakai Tamara Offeh.

Writing on Facebook, Gasho said whilst the angry assessments from UK Zom🧟‍♂️bie online Mental health nurses keep flooding her page she is spending her time with her baby.

“Jean Gasho be doing more and more shopping and more and more eating out with her baby girl Nakai like 😎”.

“Lady Mary-Tamar shocks Zombination by presenting her well spoken, well cultured first royal daughter of the House of Offeh, Lady Nakai Tamara Offeh…

“They were so shocked by lady Nakai, for in the whole country no eye has ever seen such beauty, no ear has ever heard such eloquence. Because Behold they saw and heard the FRUIT of Jean Gasho. As Christ told the Pagans, by their FRUITS you shall know them…

Gasho said her daughter is not ill mannered like most of Zimbabwean girls who are always impregnanted by Jamaicans.

“Majaira ka venyu vanasikana vamunosiya vega muchienda kushift vanzwa nekupfeka zvima wigs nekunhumburiswa nema jamaikens 😎Don’t get it twisted, thank you baby girl for visiting Mummy like 😏”