Vimbai Masiyiwa celebrates 4 years cancer free

Vimbai Masiyiwa the daughter of  Billionires Tsitsi and Strive Masiyiwa is celebratig four years of being cancer free.

Vimbai was diagonised with Lymphoma in 2016 when she was 21 years old.

Vimbai took to social media to share pictures of her with her family celebrating the important milestone.


At the time when she was diagonised, her father Strive said:

It all started with my daughter complaining of a persistent cough. My wife insisted they go to the doctor immediately. She was found to have a tumor the size of a tennis ball in her chest. My daughter had to suspend university for a whole year. Our family organized our life around her and the other children were always taking turns to ensure continuous support. Above all, we prayed without ceasing.

They went to the doctors in South Africa for two weeks, only to be told that there was nothing doctors could do for her, and were told to take her home.

Vimbai had lost her hair and weight and sometimes could not breathe.

Vimbai was taken to the USA, where she spent 9 days undergoing several tests. She went through chemotherapy for 18 weeks and radiation for 3 weeks.

One day, while the Masiyiwas were facing this massive battle, Strive got a call from the office of President George W Bush. Bush told him he had been following his campaigned against the spread of Ebola, and asked Strive if he would be interested in joining a campaign against cervical cancer.

Strive agreed.

In 2018, Strive and Vimbai visited the doctor for a checkup. The  doctor announced that Vimbai, who had been in remission for a year, was totally free of cancer.

This week, friends and family marched in celebration and shared pictures under the Twitter hashtag #vimstrong.

Her sister Elizabeth Tanya Masiyiwa posted:

4 years #cancerfree!! My heart is full. Love you little sis.