Under staffed Poland is looking for drivers, equipment operators

The government of Poland is providing more than a thousand of job opportunities with favorable working conditions to foreigners from all parts of the world.

Foreigner have to obtain a residency permit and work permit after submitting appropriate documents to get employed. Poland is considered one of the cheapest European countries for foreigners to study there.

Poland also offers best scholarships for foreigners from all nationalities to attain their education.

As a foreigner, working in Poland can bring an income of over $800 per month. Some jobs do not require high qualifications.

Below are some of the tips to getting a job in Poland

1. Stay Legal

This entails having a residency permit. An individual who is an illegal immigrant will find it difficult to get employed in an official profession in Poland. The residence may be temporary or permanent.

2. Get a Work Permit

Any resident who doesn’t have a work permit is not legal to be gainfully employed in Poland.
A work permit is a decision of the competent authority entitling a foreigner staying in Poland legally to work under the conditions specified in the content of the permit.

3. Visa

You cannot use a visa issued for the purpose of tourism, arrival for humanitarian reasons, due to the interest of a state, or international responsibilities for employment purposes.
Poland employers do not accept these.

4. Apply for Jobs

If you were not invited to work in Poland by an employer, after obtaining your residence card, you’ll apply for jobs. There are many sites and local offices that help foreigners gain employment in Poland. Some of the websites include Worksop, JobPoland, Careersinpoland.

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