Temba Mliswa says Mudha was a poor State Security Minister

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has celebrated the ouster of State Security Minister, Owen Muda Ncube.

Mliswa who has in recent months been at loggerheads with Ncube accused the minister of abusing his office.

In a twitter thread, Mliswa said Mudha was poor as a State Security Minister.

“All he did was lie. The only state intelligence he told the President was about G40. Agenda one, G40, 2, G40, 3, G40. Pathetic. In his constituency DCC elections he got the maximum120 at every district. How is that possible?

“He abused CIO officers in Midlands and changed those who worked hard. What kind of State Security Minister puts his head out of the car so as to be seen? He gave the wrong impression to the President that the party is strong yet they were doctoring results.

“Its the same with these recent elections. The ICT department directed by Ziyambi Ziyambi doctored results. @ZANUPF_Official should investigate. Even girlfriends were given positions. We don’t know a
@ZANUPF_Official that gives girlfriends positions. It’s absolute rubbish.

“Results were doctored. Mudha, July Moyo, Ziyambi and Mutsvangwa have a faction and by virtue of that they are fighting ED. In removing Mudha matigonera Murambwi asi pasara musoro muchena uyo. Plus hanzi unofamba mun’anga futi. But I have said it before that such things expire.

“Mishonga yen’anga ino expire and when it does muchadonha semapopo. Somebody was even assured that my sister will die before the year ends. Can you believe that. Now some of us we pray when we hear such things.

“Mudha wasn’t respected even within the ZANU PF circles. One day he was the Leader of Gvt Business in Parliament and people derisively muttered when he addressed them. I could see it from far off that the guy was doomed.”