Bright Nezomba banana farming project transforming lives in Honde valley

CEO of Nezox brands Bright Nezomba’s value-added idea, which combined bananas to make flour and banana plant trunks (stems) to manufacture fiber is transforming lives in Honde valley, Manicaland provincw.

He has risen to become one of the country’s top fruit farmers, making a name for himself and his family in the valley .

Bright began banana farming in 2008 enabling him to reshape his life and those of others over time.

The business now offers products such as banana flour and ripe dried livestock feed made from banana leaves.

Even though the country’s economy is near the point of collapse, with hundreds of businesses closing owing to the hostile economy, banana farmers in Honde valley are making significant economic progress through their business.

Nezomba has been named one of Zimbabwe’s top banana farmers.