Watch: Dr Ian Ndlovu death prophecy on Ian Khama

Leader of the Divine Kingdom Baptist Ian Ndlovu has urger Christians to pray for the former leader of Botswana Ian khama.

Addressing his church members, Ndlovu said the fallout between Khama and the current Botswana president Mokgweetsi E.K. Masisi should be handled in a manner that does not spark violence.

He said there will be a huge divide going forward which will lead to a huge outcry in the nation.

The man of God said the two presidents should resolve their differences ammicably to prevent the destruction of a number of things in the country.

Mokgweetsi Masisi won against Ian Khama in 2019 marking and end to the culmination of an astonishing 10 year political career.

The Khama lineage has dominated Botswana’s politics since the 1870s, right through the modern presidencies of Sir Seretse Khama (1966-1980) and Ian Khama (2008-2018). But they are now a discredited, spent force with Ian Khama’s new party having won only 5% of the vote