Passion Java mocks Mike Chimombe

The founder and leader of Passion Java Ministries, Panganayi Java popularly known as Prophet Passion Java has heavily criticised Mike Chimombe.


Java released a video slamming Mike Chimombe. Java also boasted about the amount of wealth he has compared to Mike Chimombe.


Java said his cars are valued more that us$750 000 and he also said he owns the biggest Diamond company in Zimbabwe.


Java took to social media to break his silence after he was not invited to attend Danielle Simba Allen’s wedding.



The wedding was attended by top celebrities including Nigerian-American singer, songwriter and businessman Davido, Ms Shally, Mike Chimombe to mention but a few.


Among the absentees was Passion Java, Madam Boss, Lorraine Guyo, Mai Titi , Anna Chibaby Honde among other Zimbabwean socialites.


Madam Boss took to social media to reveal that she did not attend the wedding ceremony because she was very busy working.