Prominent Zimbabwean author, Bishop Joshua Maponga has heavily criticised Zimbabweans for always insulting him on social media and calling him a sellout.

Maponga took to social media to urge his critics to unfollow his page if they don’t like what he posts.

Maponga arrived in Zimbabwe few days from the Republic of South Africa.

Writing on Facebook, Maponga said:

As a student I was chased away from school a number of times for rebellion and insubordination they said! 

But I moved on to graduate


I pastored you said I am a heretic -your pastored told me to go away from their members- for questioning practice which contradict the very Bible you claim to believe. You told me I must not ask..I need more faith! 

But I moved on to understand 

Did Afrikan culture you said I am a witch-because I desired to learn the ways of our forefathers. I became a student for your sake 

But I moved on to tolerate you

I step into social justice you call me a sell out! I knocked at a house to greet the elders -finger politicians say just break the door and start digging. 

But now I am too old to stomach you

Nyweeee Nyweeeeweeeee ..I am disappointed in you..

How can you be disappointed by me.. did you ever appoint me! 

You lie you slander you curse you insults me showing me the homes you come from and embarassing your mothers.


 remember maggots come out of rotten meat and ugly words reveal the quality of your soul.

Measure twice and cut once… Stop and think ! He who sings a well for people to drink has dug a well… Let the people drink.. your anger must not make you pee in the well .. you became the enemy of the very people you want to assist. 

Truth is some of you – you have never loved me and never will you understand me ! I won’t even cross your dreams…

You have never supported me or desired to look at this from my window… Never have you put on my shoes .

If this page does not meet your needs .. please UnFriend and find you favorate pages.. take the battle and struggle to your page and tag me also… Don’t come here and try and do cyber bullying.. 

You can’t stab me with that plastic knife it will break… I know your type …all my life I have lived swimming against the tide.. nothing has changed -i will become part of the change I desire!

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