Zimbabwean socialite based in UK Jean Gasho has compared herself to Michelle Simba Allen

Allen wedded Nigerian business mogul Igho “Tiny” Ubiribo, over the weekend .

The two lovebirds and their coterie of guests painted the town of Harare and social media streets green with their lavish lobola celebrations.

Writing on social media, Gasho said: “Rule number one of stealing the show at your own event, always carry yourself with grace and dignity because you will be photographed by anyone at anytime and those photos will be the ones which goes viral before your own professional pictures…

“Below: Lady Mary-Tamar shows them how not to be outstaged by any other woman at your own event…she was 4 months pregnant yet she was the starlet of her own show…Her GREEN dress was custom made by Ghanaian top celebrity fashion designer Vanessa Harrison…Levels 👌🏽Don’t get it Twisted 😜😎”