Greatman and Silibaziso speak about their upcoming wedding

Musician Greatman has appealed for financial and other donations towards his wedding with his wife Silibaziso on the 6th of February.

Please watch the video below to see Greatman and Silibaziso speaking about their wedding.

The couple’s bridal team has already started preparing for the big day.

In an interview on Starfm, Greatman dismissed rumours that all was not well in his marriage, with some people even saying the union was more of a publicity stunt.

“I just don’t know why people say that. We are happily in love and staying together with my wife in Budiriro 5. I love my wife so much and our marriage is not a publicity stunt.

Greatman’s wedding is being organised by TEO events which organised Sinikiwe Kademaunga and Reuben’s blissful wedding.

TEO Events is already mobilising corporates to support the wedding.

Please watch the video  above this post to see Greatman and Silibaziso speaking about their upcoming wedding.