Joshua Maponga says Zimbabweans must not leave South Africa

Popular Zimbabwean Pan Africanist  businessman,  Bishop Joshua Maponga,  today spoke for the first time on the Beitbridge border crisis.

Writing on Facebook, Maponga said:

My 2cents worth… All the Tswanas must go back.. Botswana…all Swazi in Mpumalanga back to Eswatini…all Basuthus must go back Freestate to Lesotho..all Shangani Giyani must go back Gazankulu..Mozambique Vendas Zimnbabwe…. I think that will make a better south Afrika? This xenophobic ethnical political circus must stop!

We are here in Afrika… We going Nowhere!
Many of those who display xenophobic utterances a children of migrant labour from the surrounding countries.. poor regional policies and political instabilities causes by interferences have left South as a job habour for the Saddc region and Afrika in general.

An injury to one country is an injury to the whole continent.
We can’t allow colonial boarders to define our identity as Afrikans.

We can’t celebrate the failures of Afrikan governments
We can’t humiliate each other with triabal insults when our children and parents have intermarried and we now have become family. We belong together ..let’s build this nation and stop the segregation laws and divisions. Let’s out our hands together to build the Afrika we want.

Stop telling me what I must do… What are you doing… “It’s not what Afrika can do for you..but what You can do for AfrikA” we do not need a new AfrikA…but new Afrikans! We fail together …we succeed together..we advise each other in love and Ubuntu respect remain our Moto.
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