Jean Gasho shows off her new 2 bedroom apartment

Eccentric Zimbabwean socialite, Jean Gasho, today showed off her new 2 bedroom apartment on social media.

Writing on Facebook, Jean said:

I’m not a city person at all, cities freak me out a little, I love the quiet countryside. But I’m looking forward to enjoying our Newcastle apartments. This two bed apartment is so spacious and gives me city vibes. I really don’t have to do much to it to run it as a short stay apartment, all it needs is a good cleaner 🤎

Jean, who has been in the news for the wrong reasons recently, has been experiencing serious problems with her family life.

Her two children were removed from her care by British Police, while her Ghanaian husband, Koffie, left citing her unpredictable nature.

However, Koffie has allowed Jean to stay in his apartment in the city to give her a change of scenery after she threatened to end her own life by throwing herself into a pond.