WATCH: Phillip Chiyangwa claims ZANU-PF elections were rigged

Chiyangwa recorded his conversation with Huruyepasi

Billionaire Zvimba South MP and ZANU-PF central committee member, Philip Chiyangwa, has demanded a report on what happened in Zvimba South, North, West and East during the recent ZANU-PF elections.

Chiyangwa said the election results from base stations are different from those submitted at the provincial offices. He demanded fairness and questioned why his faction lost elections to people other constituencies.

Chiyangwa said he will demand transparency. He revealed that it was him that made arrangements for polling officers to go to Banket and when they got there they found a gang of people who were manipulating the elections.

Chiyangwa said her received information that there were unknown people in control of everything and as soon as he has a full report he will expose everything.

Chiyangwa said those who want to change the way the party looks in his constituency will not get away with it. He said he will not allow the Politiburo to ratify a rigged elections and will challenge the fake results during the next Politiburo meeting.

Chiyangwa said he did not get where he is now through being weak and he is a seasoned fighter. He declared that there was rampant vote buying during the elections and he would not stand for it.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.