Dj Towers says he crushes on SA model Faith Nketsi

Socialite Dj Towers has revealed that he crushes on SA dancer Faith Nketsi.

Dj Towers said he will marry someone like Nketsi because he is ugly.

He added that he does not want to burden his children as they will be mocked for being ugly like their father.

Nketsi is a South African influencer, model and entrepreneur. She is well known for being a member of a dance group called “Pro-Twerkers”. After she left the group she became a model and social media personality.

She has been dating Nzuzo Njilo for a year and they have kept their relationship private. He bought her the car (Range Rover Lumma) worth over a million rand as a gift in celebration of their anniversary.

Nketsi has accumalated 1.7 million followers on instagram. She is one of South Africa’s most popular influencers.