89 000 illegal crossborders arrested at Beitbridge border post

At least 89 000 people have been arrested in an ongoing police operation to tackle cross-border crime amid increased security along the country’s borders.

Code-named “No to cross-border crimes / Fhasi Ngananan Cannon / Criminal Border Crushes / Criminal Offenses Boundaries” The operation was launched last year by targeting those who violate immigration law.

Already, some of the suspects have been fined while others are expected to appear in court after being vetted.

Police have since warned the public against using illegal exit and entry points that they will face the full wrath of the law.

National police spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the force would continue to patrol and arrest anyone found on the wrong side of the law during this time when cases of smuggling and trafficking. border crossings are commonplace.

The arrests came after police stepped up patrols and checks along roads leading to and out of the country’s internal borders to tackle endemic cases of smuggling.