Rutendo Benson Matinyarare Proves he has a Legit South African National ID

Outspoken Zimbabwean video creator, Rutendo Benson Matinyarare has slammed thousands who have been accusing him of using a fake South African National ID.


The South African based Zimbabwean took to social media to show off his ID so as to prove doubters wrong.


“I have seen reports saying that Rutendo has a fake South African ID because his ID ends with 08x. Here is my ID, it ends with 18x and not 08x.

Now, ask yourself why anyone would forge CIPC papers to say my ID ends with 08x when it ends with 18x? It’s because they checked and realized that my papers are sound. For me to be an activist who writes letters about sanctions to DIRCO and the SA Presidency, it means they have vetted me. 


And it is because of our success in fighting western sanctions and my links to Advocate Chitando, that you are beginning to see this level of kickback. The struggle continues,” he posted.