Hopewell slams ANC over illegal Zimbabweans

Popular award winning Zimbabwean journalist,  Hopewell Chin’ono,  today slammed the ANC government for hunting illegal Zimbabwean immigrants like animals.

Writing on Facebook,  Chin’ono said:

I spoke about this 2 weeks ago and yesterday again.
The undocumented foreigner is now being hunted like a dangerous animal and when he is caught, he is displayed as his capture is now a badge of honor.

This system uses whistle blowers calling a hotline that at this property there is an illegal immigrant.

What the MyANC is doing is what every government does when it is cornered with economic failure.

Suddenly the ANC is now getting platitudes for going after illegal foreigners especially Zimbabweans.

2022 is going to be tougher for our compatriots without papers in SA

Chin’ono was responding to news that illegal Zimbabweans are being arrested and deported on sight across the country.