Exhumed body of Nyamukachi was fresh in grave after 20 years

Residents under Chief Makoni’s area were stinned after they exhumed the body of the late Nyamukachi who died 20 years ago and found that his body was still intact. The exhumation was done at Village 20 in Nemaire village on 21 December 2021 with Rusape Police present.

Men who were involved in the exhumation said they found the blankets that were covering the body still new.

The exhumation was done after Dr Nyamukachi, the son, was instructed by the late Nyamukachi to bury him next to his wife. Dr Nyamukachi , who was young when his father was buried, called a family meeting to inform them that his father had instructed him on how he should be buried.

Dr Nyamukachi went to Chief Nemaire and Chief Makoni, who fined him a cow, a goat, a cock and snuff. Chief Nemaire then gave his blessings for the exhumation to take place.

Pamhidzai Mabota, one of the men who was present when the exhumation took place, said the government pathologist who was leading the exhumation was stunned to find out that the body was still fresh and there was almost a stamped as people attempted to see the body.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.