Jean Gasho deletes suicide threat Facebook post

Eccentric UK based Zimbabwean blogger and socialite, Jean Gasho has deleted a Facebook post in which she threatened to take her own life by throwing herself into a river.

Jean made the threat after British police removed her two boys from her care as her eccentric behavior worsened in recent weeks.

Jean did not post on Facebook for 24 hours after she her last made the threat to take her own life.


On 1 January 2021, Jean wrote on Facebook :

Thank you all for your prayers and comments, I read most of them crying…and thank you for all your inboxes, they are so many so I can’t reply them all, but I’ve been reading them whilst on watch.

Thank you to Cleveland Police for being there for me, coming in my house at 2am and not leaving me until you made sure I was okay…

Thank you crises team, for acknowledging the trigger of my pain, the loss of my Daddy and the loss of my children. I shall learn to live without Daddy and to hope for my 7 babies.

Thank you to my beautiful daughter, for never giving up on me.

I shall not die, but will live to see the goodness of God in the land of the living…

Happy New Year my beautiful Facebook family, I made it, don’t get it twisted y’all 🙏🤗