Jean Gasho threatens to throw herself into a river

Eccentric Zimbabwean socialite, Jean Gasho has today threatened to throw herself into a river and end her own life.

This comes after her children were removed from her care by British Police.

Writing on Facebook, Jean said:

This is my last post I’m making in 2021. I’ve been sacrificed so Nino can relaunch his music career.

Today I’m going to kill myself in this river and join my Dad. I’ve already confided with three people because I will rather sacrifice myself for my children.

Chaniya was pulled from my breasts and she’s not safe or well. She’s being given medicine for a disease she doesn’t have and is losing her sight. She’s weak and doesn’t play like herself anymore. Her hair is always pulled tight and she’s in pain, I feel her.

I loved my children very much, I gave everything for Nino. I lost my house he sent all my benefits to Ghana to his family leading to me losing my housing benefit and my house hence I gave birth to Chaka homeless.

I’ve protected Nino so much I took beatings I never told a soul. When I was pregnant with Chaniya he beat me so bad I called 999, but I couldn’t tell tgem. Now he’s ready to use me and be the famous singer he always wanted to be. I used to beg him to sing, but he would refuse.

I’ve been called a witch for loving a family and giving them everything and losing everything for them.

My children will never be handed back to me. I never harmed them, I loved them.

Fadzi is crying for me…

Charo is always crying

Chaka needs me

My boys ran away from social services to be with me and they got arrested and taken back

I’m going to rest today, I want you all to laugh at me, and wish me death. I took a last walk with Chaniya two weeks ago, and I knew I would never see her again…if I don’t have my children I have nothing to live for. I have excruciating pain yet doctors can’t tell what’s wrong with me.

May the soul of Jean Gasho rest in peace, may she always look after her children and remember them wherever she will be.

Jean is the daughter of the late Never Gasho.

Over the past few months, Jean has been on an emotional roller coaster, leaving Zimbabweans all over stunned as she melts down publicly over one issue or another.

It is not clear why British authorities have not put her in a mental health facility as she regularly makes threats to take her own life by throwing herself into water bodies.