Vimbai Musvaburi shows off her mother, Mantini

South Africa based Zimbabwean political activist, Vimbainashe Musvaburi has shown off her mother.

Writing on Facebook, Vimbai said :

Uyu mudzimai aripakati in the middle ngu Mantini. She is my mother. My dad married her when she was 19 and couldn’t speak a word of Shona, now when she speaks with her side of the family she forgets and explains everything In Shona only for her to realize later that ohhh snap did I just do that!!! Then she continues in IsiNdebele. Anyway maNtini siyabonga for helping me through this single parenting Journey it was definitely made easier by your support.

Vimbainashe has recently been sharing her life on social media after she went through surgery during which 20 tumors were removed from her uterus.