Serena Williams father, Richard loses house to 30 years younger wife

Celebrity Junk YouTube channel reports that Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars, Serena and Venus, is set to lose his home after he married a younger woman who scammed him.

Williams is in his 70s, incapacitated because of strokes and can no longer talk.

His estranged wife, who is about 30 years younger, reportedly forged her name on the title deed of Williams Florida home and transferred the property to her name.

She did this without Williams permission.

She then took out a loan and used that money to set up a trucking company that failed soon thereafter.

Payments were not made on the loan and subsequently, that home is going to be repossessed by the bank.

Williams is now living with one of his sons who is an ex convict.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.