Kasukuwere says he worked well with Mnangagwa

Watch as Saviour Kasukuwere speaks with Anotida Chikumbu about his time as a Cabinet Minister in Zimbabwe for over 17 years.

Key Points for discussion

  1. Kasukuwere sys he first got to know about Mugabe from reading about him during the war.
  2. At independence Kasukuwere says he started working in the government and rose through the ranks.
  3. Kasukuwere says Mugabe was human like anyone else. He made mistakes. Mugabe had an interesting grasp of issues.
  4. Mugabe had a lot of time for young people.
  5. Mugabe was very focused, intelligent.
  6. Mugabe ‘s leadership of the GNU convinced people that he was very capable of leading the country beyond 2013.
  7. Mugabe was a good leader and would give you a chance to offer a different viewpoint.
  8. Mugabe was always the last one to conclude, he would not disagree in a manner that would descend into rancour.
  9. ZIDERA Sanctions have affected the overall performance of the Zimbabwe economy. He said the sanctions should be lifted.
  10. Kasukuwere says corruption also contributed to the economic collapse of Zimbabwe.
  11. The indeginisation policy fell victim to misunderstanding of what was intended. Polarisation and negative energy affected the policy.
  12. One of the things we need to do as Zimbabwe is to build consensus and move forward as a united nation.
  13. Kasukuwere says he had a respectful relationship with Mnangagwa.
  14. Kasukuwere said he worked well together with Mnangagwa.
  15. Mugabe was aware of the maneuvering that was happening within the party.
  16. Kasukuwere said the removal of Mugabe was very tragic and it should not have been handled in the way that was done.
  17. There should be respect of the rules of the party and that of the country.
  18. Kasukuwere says time is always moving and you can not stop the move to a new dispensation.
  19. You will be making a tragic mistake if you personalise politics. Politics is ubiquitoue. What happened in the past can not be blamed on an individual. Politics by its nature is a very rough. I have nothing personal against Kazembe. He saw an opportunity and took it.
  20. I think in my journey I have hurt some people, but I will never personalize politics.

About Kasukuwere

Kasukuwere was Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and National Housing. He was also the ZANU–PF party’s national political commissar until December 2017. Before that he was Minister of Youth Development, Indigenization and Empowerment, and Minister of the Environment, Water and Climate. He has been a member of the Pan-African Parliament since 2004. He was Deputy Secretary of Youth Affairs in the Politburo of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front and subsequently Secretary for the Commissariat. He has been the Member of Parliament for Mount Darwin South Parliamentary Constituency since 2000. From 2005 until February 2009, he served as the Zimbabwean Deputy Minister of Youth Development and Employment Creation.