Jay Israel says he was pressured to apologise to Makandiwa

South African based Zimbabwean prophet Jay Israel has revealed that he was pressured to apologise to UFIC leader Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Jay Israel who recently made a public apology to Makandiwa said he did so because of the dirt the prophet holds against him.

Writing on Facebook, Jay Israel said:

The church system , especially the prophetic , healing and deliverance ministry is one BIG deception that must be dealt with thoroughly until everyone who still believes and follows the hullabaloos is set free . It is with great pain and regret that I type this messsge to let everyone know that tonight I shall be retracting all apologies I ever gave to certain elements as they were taken out of context and were done under some form of duress .

I will go back to were all this began and how I was enticed into diluting my message and subsequently drifting away from the true gospel completely . Because of my carelessness , I was put under so much pressure to clear names of people who are BIG TIME CHARLATANS starting with Emmanuel Makandiwa and the rest of the bunch .

Makandiwa and many other Charlatans has done so much to silence me and make sure I never come out to say a word about them because of what they have been holding against me . I have had several phone calls with Victor Boateng trying to find common grounds to let me go from whatever they have against me but it has fallen on deaf ears as He also has a lot to cover up for Makandiwa and other Charlatans like himself .

CHARLATANS REMAIN CHARLATANS and all I ever apologised to REMAIN CHARLATANS for the reasons I named them that before all this . THERE IS NO BACKING DOWN THIS TIME AND I WILL PUT NO BARS OR BREAKS , a spade is a spade not a farming tool .

TONIGHT AT 20 00hrs I shall be live to BEGIN THE REVOLUTION .

I know you have so many questions about many things including my association with certain people I associated with lately . There is videos and posts I am going to erase from all my social media pages and accounts , but before I erase that content there is need for me to talk about its manufacturing and all the shenanigans behind it . DECEPTION IS IN PLAY AND I SHALL WARN EVERYONE TO BE VERY CAREFUL OF THE FALSE MANUFACTURED PROPHECIES AND MIRACLES TO ROB THE POOR .

TONIGHT @20 00 hrs ‼️