Willard Katsande is still living with his first wife

In a bizarre twist to a story that has gripped Zimbabweans,  Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that soccer star  Willard Katsande is still living with his first wife,  Memory Dowerowe and their five children.

‘He is married to all three women in a polygamous marriage, however, his first wife did not agree to it’,said the source.

Katsande with third wife Charmaine Mpofu who has disappeared from social media.

The sources revealed that Katsande has never introduced his other two wives, Charmaine Mpofu Katsande and Bonga Miya Katsande to Memory and their five children.

‘They only see him with the other two ‘wives’ on social media. Memory is very hurt by the whole situation, but she pretends to understand.’

Katsande has five children with first wife Memory Dowerowe Katsande

Katsande has eight children in total,  two with Bonga, one with Charmaine and five with Memory.

The source revealed that Memory is a very reserved woman and she has never questioned Katsande about his other ‘wives’.

“Both Charmaine and Bonga live with their parents”, said the source.

‘Katsande had traditional marriage ceremonies with Charmaine and Bonga, but he can not afford to buy them all their own houses’, said the source.

‘Katsande is struggling’,  said the source. ‘He can not take care of such a big family with the money that he gets from playing soccer.’

However,  Katsande’s favorite wife, Bonga Miya, seems to be enjoying almost all his attention. She has recently been openly flaunting their relationship on social media.

What he is doing is very disrespectful to his first wife Memory, he is taking advantage of her quite nature.

Experts told Gambakwe Media that according to African culture, a man can not marry more wives without asking his first wife.

It seems Katsande has decided to do it his own way!