Kuda Musasiwa says he plans to quit smoking cigarettes in 2022

Popular Zimbabwean entrepreneur and music producer Kuda Musasiwa has revealed his 2022 resolutions.

Posting on twitter Musasiwa said he is planning to quit his smoking habbits in 2022.

“I’d like to beat my on/off relationship with cigarettes, and I’d like to lose 30kgs (2.5Kgs per month till December)”, he said.

Kuda added that he will be working on losing his weight by going on a 100% plant based diet.

“As a New Years resolution, I’d like to try quit all sugars totally. I was considered going 100% plant based diet as well but not sure now. I may fail if too much”.

Early this year, Musasiwa was in the intensive care unit battling respiratory problems linked to the coronavirus.

The entreprenuer said he is currently weighing 120kgs because of sweet sugar staffs.