British Police remove Jean Gasho ‘son from her care

British Police have removed Kunashe, the son of Jean Gasho, as her eccentric behavior continues.

Jean revealed, earlier this week, that she attempted to take her own life by throwing herself into a deep pond, during a Facebook LIVE that she posted on her page.

Please watch the video below to see Kunashe being removed by British Police.

Writing on her Facebook , Jean made once again made serious allegations against the British Police, accusing them of racism.

My 13 year old son Kunashe was last night arrested and abducted by UK police force where reasonable force was used as he suffered shock and panic attacks refusing to leave his parents house.

Kunashe was racially abused by UK police, video evidence available, and taken with his older brother to a secret location where his phones has been ceased and has no access to his family.

His greatest fear is being taken to his biological father who constantly used to beat him accusing him of not being his biological son because he was too light skinned and beautiful. Kunashe suffers from PTSD from the abuse he suffered from Shingai Musuka and Gertrude Musuka who used to beat him accusing him of not being a true Musuka.

13 year old Kunashe is spending Christmas crying at an unknown location he has been taken to by over 8 police officers who forcibly arrested him and removed him from his home as his older sister Nakai screamed and tried to save her little brother.

Please click the gallery below to see more pictures of Kunashe.