Zimbabweans not happy about Katsande’s new wife, Bonga Miya

Zimbabweans have reacted negatively after South Africa based Zimbabwe soccer, Willard Katsande, publicly showed off his new wife, Bonga Miya Katsande for the first time.

Bonga is not new in Katsande ‘s life, as she was his side chick for the past 3 years, after Katsande secretly paid Lobola for her in 2018.

Bonga waited patiently as Katsande dated another woman, Charmaine Katsande throughout most of 2020, and eventually became number one after Katsande broke up with Charmaine in November 2021.

Since coming back into his life, the business savvy Bonga has quickly moved to establish her husband’s construction business


Bonga is a proud mother of two boys, all of them fathered by Katsande while he was with Charmaine.


Bonga, who is now Katsande ‘s business manager, has established his renovations business and runs the business on a day to day basis while Katsande goes about his business.


Besides her role as a wife and business manager, Bonga is also a fashionista.

She often posts stunning pictures or herself on Instagram and Facebook.


After news of Katsande’a marriage became public, Zimbabweans from across the world felt that the marriage willl not last.

Most felt that it’s a futile excersize for a Zimbabwean man to marry a South African woman.

Below are some of the comments :