Revealed: Bushiri was Dating Rev Lucy Natasha

Prominent Malawian man of God, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was dating With Rev Lucy Natasha.

According to Proffesor Ex, Bushiri used to travel to Kenya to meet the mother of Rev Lucy Natasha.

“Bushiri used to fly to Kenya so as to meet Esther the mother of Rev Lucy Natasha. She used to spend a lot of money impressing his mother in law,” said Proff Ex.

Proff Ex went further to criticise Rev Lucy Natasha, saying that she is dirty.

“Lucy Natasha is a pretender. She doesn’t deserve to stand in front of the congregants and preach. Her behavior is very bad,” said Proff Ex.

“I don’t have jealous for Lucy Natasha. All I want is for her to repent so that she spreads the word of God,” said Proff Ex.

Proff Ex revealed Bushiri and Rev Lucy Natasha’s relationship weeks after Prophet Carmel tied the knot with Rev Lucy Natasha.