WATCH LIVE : Jonathan Moyo dumps Chamisa: Guest – Dr Feddious Mutenheri

Exiled former Zimbabwe information Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has today angrily dumped MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa.

Writing in a 25 tweet thread, Moyo differed sharply with Chamisa ‘stragedy and his fanatical supporters methods.

Moyo also withdrew his offer to train MDC Alliance polling agents in 2023, after alleging that the party is a failed thing.

Please see the full 25 tweets thread below:


Posting on twitter, Moyo said the untold truth about these political players is that the two MDCs are byproducts of the coup: MDC-A is ED’s pre-coup coalition partner and MDC-T is ED’s post-coup govt partner. The rest is history.

“By way of information, on 11 Oct 2021 I wrote to MDC Alliance Secretary General, Charlton Hwende withdrawing my offer to support Tsholotsho MDC-A polling agents and to train 44K polling agents for 2023. And on 26 Nov 2021 I wrote to @nelsonchamisa to inform him I’m not doing partisan politics for 2023 elections!”

Moyo said the real MDC and real ZANU-PF no longer exist: “Tsvangirai’s MDC is history, as is Mugabe’s ZanuPF. They’ve become fatal factions.

Only the deep state remains standing. Efforts to mobilize voters under personalised hashtags, suchas #ED5MoreYears  or #NgaapindeHakeMukomana are cultic and cannot win popular votes in 2023!”

Please watch the video above this post for more details.