Greatman’s wife slams people claiming she married her hubby for money

Greatman’s wife Silibaziso has slammed people accusing her of marrying her husband for money.

Silibasizo said people should stop hating because she is not after anyone’s money but her husband money.

She said she has every right to spend the money implying that when she grew up her mother used to ask her father for money.

Greatman and Silibaziso Masara met in Harare at corner Julius Nyerere and Robson Manyika streets.

Greatman paid an undisclosed bride price to Silibaziso’s parents in Ascot, Gweru on March 10, 2020.

Silibaziso said her relatives didn’t want her to marry Greatman but her parents approved the marriage because they value love and also respect her feelings.

In May 2021, Greatman announced that his wife had given birth to a son.