The International football governing body, FIFA has told the SRC to overturn a suspension on the ZIFA board after failing to find proof of the allegations against the administration.


The ZIFA board  was suspended on 16 November by the SRC on several charges.


Some of the charges included the board’s failure to account for public funds.


Following the suspension of the ZIFA board, the world football governing body has responded and revealed that it has found no proof in the allegations raised by the SRC.


FIFA also said it set up a virtual meeting with both parties to discuss the situation but SRC chairman Gerald Mlotshwa declined to participate.


The commission has now been given until 3 January to reverse the suspension, or the nation would face potential sanctions.

Some of the sanctions include that the country  might miss the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).


The Afcon is scheduled to start on the 9th of January 2021.


The SRC has also been instructed to dissolve the Restructuring Committee it appointed last week.