Tatelicious claims Mai Titi paid her own bride price

Queen Tatelicious claims that Mai Titi used her own money to pay for her bride price as Tinashe Maphosa cannot afford anything.

Tatelicious warned Mai Titi to be careful of Tinashe as he might be a scammer targeting to snatch everything away.

Tinashe paid us$15 000 as pride brice for her lovely wife.

Queen said Tinashe does not own a car or any property to show that he is someone from a wealthy background.

She added that Tinashe is not different from Felistus’s two daughters because both of them cannot fend for themselves.

Tinashe Maphosa is said to be a nurse Aid for nursing homes in America and fixes and transports the oelderly in nursing homes, however not much is known about Tinashe.

Mai Titi is yet to respond to the allegations.