Madam Boss plans surprise bridal party for Mai Titi.

Actress Madam Boss planned a classy surprise bridal party for Felistus Murata Maphosa popularly known as Mai Titi over the weekend.

Mai Titi said she is totally grateful for her organised bridal team for planning the surprise.

She said, “So today my sister kept saying I want to take you out for lunch at the same time need to show you staff you might need for your wedding. We drove out only to find out they had planned a suprise Bridal party with the Bridal team.

“Tyra since yesterday she asked to be admin on my page cz she wanted to cross post something I gave her not knowing she is posting my party .😭A lot of good things happening to me I just feel like I’m dreaming.

“Enchante Natalie Mammi Chloe is the one who has been running behind my back making sure everything is in order . I keep saying thank you handichazive askana 😭😭😭😭Thank you 🙌”.

Mai Titi recently tied the knot in America during an intimate white wedding ceremony. Their wedding came as a surprise to many as they had not been together for long.

Soon after, the couple jetted into the country to proceed with traditional marrying processions.