WATCH : General Chiwenga warns Chief Murinye

What Chief Murinye did is never done in Zimbabwe

WATCH as Zimbabwe Vice President, General Chiwenga, delivered a warning to Zimbabwe traditional leaders who go into politics.

The statement by Chiwenga follows a viral video in which a Masvingo traditional leader, Chief Murinye , publicly criticized Mnangagwa ‘s government for unchecked corruption and greed.

General Chiwenga said under Zimbabwean culture, there are certain ways in which issues are communicated.

“A chief can not just stand up and speak in any manner to the paramount chief”.

This is only done by those who are high

In this country its never done, we have one Monomotapa, we have one leader, and it is that leader that we give our respect, and it is that leader that we show the entire nation what respect is all about.

So what has been done by Chief Murinye is going to be investigated, by the minister responsible for local government and the president of the Chiefs council, and if found guilty,then the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

This is the republic of Zimbabwe

Its never done, such madness, are we toether chiefs?

I said its never done!

Chieftainship is given, and chieftainship is revoked.

You only rule at the mercy of the great, Chief Monomutapa.

So from here on in 2021, we must swear that this is never done.

I respect my Great Monomotapa, and no one will touch him as long as I live.”

Please watch the video above this post for more details.