Mozambique Attacks Spreading to Tanzania

The insurgency in the Republic of Mozambique is spreading to the neighbouring African countries, particularly Tanzania.


The attacks are spreading to Tanzania after foreign soldiers arrived in Cabo Delgado to help Mozambique battle an insurrection.

Insurgents set fire to dozens of homes forcing people to seek refugee in neighbouring countries.


Willem Els from the Institute for Security Studies said: “What happened in the beginning when the Rwandans went in is they focused on the two areas of Palma where, of course, all the gas extraction or the preparation for that is.”It seemed that they acted too fast and they did not wait for some forces to be in place in order to form that backstop to block the insurgency once they started to drive them out.”


“Yes, the insurgence now spread right through the whole province making it very difficult for some enforcers that are very thinly spread in terms of numbers to contain them and where they got the heat on them they just moved into the adjacent Niassa province and that has also incidentally been a potshot for the insurgency due to the vast areas and very densely bushed areas. You have lots of forests there so it’s very easy for them to operate there and difficult for someone to follow up,” he added.