Lovemore Majaivana Celebrates 68th Birthday

PROMINENT Zimbabwean musician, Lovemore Tshuma popularly known as Lovemore Majaivana celebrated his 68th birthday on Wednesday.

The “Lelilizwe kalilamali” hitmaker was born on the 15th of December 1953 in Gweru

Majaivana became one of the most popular musicians in post-independence Zimbabwe. He is held in the same regard as the legends Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mtukudzi.


Majaivana has since quit music, and moved to work in other jobs in USA.


Lovemore was nicknamed ‘majaivana’ for his dancing prowess.  His father was a priest in a local church while his mother led the church choir.


Majaivana started off singing at an early age, in 1968, when he would sing in the church choir in which his father was a minister.


At 15, he became a drummer in a local Bulawayo band. He would make a short stay at the band as he soon relocated to Harare resulting in him giving up drumming.


His parents were against singing but Majaivana would sneak out in the evenings to rehearse with groups such as The High Chords and the Echoes, performing as thier lead singer.


His parents only discovered his talent when he won the best vocalist slot at the Trade Fair in 1977.