Prominent Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has slammed South African youths for lack of economic reforms.

Writing on Facebook, Hopewell said there is huge unemployment in South Africa especially in the below 24 years of age bracket.

“The rising unemployment rate in South Africa is not caused by foreigners, that is a cheap intellectually dishonest assertion by people who are either ignorant or are politicians looking for scapegoats”.

Chin’ono said the rising unemployment is caused by “economic stagnation, lack of new investment to spur growth, lack of economic reforms, threat of expropriation, huge Corruption which is a 👉🏿Zuma legacy.”

South Afrians are known for blaming immigrants for their economic failures.

“This has nothing to do with immigrants. South Africa has a right to control immigration but it has nothing to do with a failing economy”.

“The reason is located at Luthuli House the headquarters of the MyANC. However in the townships they are not opening economics books, they simply want jobs and the foreigner is a quick scapegoat!”

Chin’ono, has been blamed for the raising tensions between South Africans and  Zimbabweans, after the SA government banned the Zimbabwe Exemptions permit.

He continued :

To the black person in the townships, the reason why they don’t have a job is because of foreigners, read Zimbabweans.

To the enquiring mind and eye, South Africa was once Africa’s biggest economy, today it is third biggest.

When economies don’t grow, foreigners are scapegoats!

Foreigners are not the reason why poor black folk don’t have jobs in South Africa, it is the failure to grow the economy that is problematic.

You can kick out all the foreigners in South Africa, the economy will not become bigger, it will actually contract because they are part of the growth factor.

Sadly these economic arguments are not taken into context because politicians choose to look for quick but dishonest explanations!