Jean Gasho says she is no longer writing a book about Megan Markle

Zimbabwean UK based blogger and entrepreneur Jean Gasho has issued a public statement announcing why she has quit writing a book against Meghan Markle.

Gasho said she the decision to withdraw the 25 chapters book is because of her husband’s unhappiness about some of the things she wrote about Meghan.

“I have taken the decision NOT to persue the book about Meghan Markle’s appropriation of Black Women’s Suffering. The decision is mainly based on my Lord Husband’s unhappiness about some of the things I wrote about Meghan. My husband who does have connections was personally informed about the plight of Meghan Markle, especially how allegedly suicidal she has been lately, also allegedly trying to break free.

She revealed that she has already written 20 Chapters of the 25 Chapter Book, “but I am now left with only one chapter which I had sent out for proof reading. I had to buy a new phone and a computer as I no longer have access to my old laptop and phone”.

Gasho also apologised to Meghan for writing damaging articles about her while pursuing the book.

“I extend my sincere apologies to Meghan as it did come to my understanding that somehow she was deeply affected by some of my articles especially the one which I wrote that she was the one who made Kate cry by bullying her which had over half a million hits on my blog. I am now focusing on my family and Lord Husband as I want to win him back with my submission, loyalty and obedience.

“I also want to put it out there that some of my original sources who gave me information regarding what happened between Meghan and Catherine during the wedding fitting rehearsal may not have been entirely accurate.”