Dr Ian Ndlovu’s Prophecy About Formula 1 Fulfilled 

Dr Ian Ndlovu’s prophecy about the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 race has been fulfilled.



The leader of Divine Kingdom Ministries had prophesied that during the race there will be a crash.



The prophecy got fulfilled on Sunday after Nicholas Latifi crashed.


The crash held a negative impact on the race as the crash forced a safety car.


Race director Michael Masi made the last-second call to allow some cars to overtake the safety car, having previously said they couldn’t, which put Verstappen directly behind Hamilton on fresh soft tyres.



Hamilton could not hold off Verstappen, who took the lead on the fifth turn of the final lap, and never gave it up.



Mercedes boss Toto Wolff raged on the radio saying “this is not right”.



Mercedes lodged two official protests following the conclusion of the race which could see the result overturned and Hamilton given the championship, both of which were eventually rejected.



It would have been an incredible late twist to an already unbelievable championship battle this season with Mercedes alleging that there was a breach against the classification after the late decision regarding lapped cars and against Verstappen for overtaking Hamilton under the safety car.