Joseph Nemaisa Accused of Shooting ZNA Members After a Misunderstanding over the ZB Bank Loot

Joseph Nemaisa has been accused of shooting dead at least 3 people in Chadcombe after an misunderstanding over the ZB loot.

According to multiple sources, Nemaisa and the deceased members of the ZNA were part of the ZB Robbery that occurred earlier this year where US$2.7 million was stolen.

Rumours around Harare are that Nemaisa been holding onto the bigger part of the ZB bank  loot ,as he had promised to keep it safe since the robbery.

His colleagues had been demanding their shares for months but he had been telling them stories.

The theory is that upon realising that the trio were threatening to expose him , he resortef to elimination.

Thousands have questioned how Nemaisa managed to eliminate three armed soldiers without one of his family members getting injured.

However, prominent members such as Temba Mliswa and Philip Chiyangwa have applauded Nemaisa for gunning down the three armed robbers.