BREAKING : Nemaisa changes his story

Ex CID officer, Joseph Nemaisa, has changed his story significantly this evening.

Speaking to Simba Chikanza of Zimeye, Nemaisa said the gun (Stribog) that he used during the shootout with robbers belonged to a security guard.

Nemaisa named the security guard as Newman Maseve of Better Brands security 

He said he asked the Maseve to go with him to his house and left the guard in the car, which he parked a few houses away from his home.

Nemaisa said he left the security guard watching over his car and instructed him to watch over the street called Crane for any gateaway vehicle.

Nemaisa also said he was not in Chisipite as originally stated in his statement. He said he was in Mandara, which is between Chisipite and Kamfinsa.

Nemaisa gave an account of how he killed the first two robbers and then finally the third one.

Nemaisa said most Zimbabweans are armchair critics and most of them have never fired a gun.

He said after he ran out of ammunition, he ran away from the house. At that time, he said he was sure he had killed three people.

Nemaisa said after he was outside the gate, he called the CIO crack squad and another friend who arrived.

He said while he was outside the gate, he heard one of the robbers shouting for help.

When he came back with the CID officers, they came back into the house and found mayhem.

One of his sofas had two bullet holes and there were a lot of bullet holes in the passage.

Nemaisa said he found the the first guy he had shot dead in the guest bedroom, wearing a cap. He said the second guy had a balaclava.

Nemaisa revealed that his  pregnant wife handed the robbers USD850. He said the robbers started torturing the wife and kids while looking for money.

Nemaisa said he did not know any of the robbers before this incident, except for the last one that he shot who he knew had been arrested.

Nemaisa said the gang had robbed more than seven houses in his neighborhood and many residents had came by to identify the robbers.

Nemaisa said its not true that he was part of the ZB Bank heist. He said this is crazy talk by members of the public. Nemaisa said the ZB Bank heist is an old matter and it does not make sense that he would be keeping money from the heist on behalf of the bank.

Nemaisa said he did not call the police because he knew they did not have capacity to handle the situation based on his experience. He said the two nearest police stations were too far for him to get there.

Nemaisa said its a comical suggestion that he was involved in the ZB Bank heist.

Nemaisa said he has an impeccable history in the Zimbabwe Republic Police and he has bettered himself by graduating with a first class degree in law.

Nemaisa said he had already hired counselors for his children. He said he will not go into any cleansing ceremony as he killed robbers and he will only get a pastor to pray.

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