Mnangagwa asked to assist two men returned by mermaids after 46 years

In the second strange case to be recorded this year, mermaids returned two men who disappeared 46 years ago.

Traditional healer

The traditional healer who performed rituals, Julia Dadirai, also performed rituals for the return of a Mberengwa woman (Rowai Chihakwa) early this year. She says she has done rituals for the return of many people who were taken by mermaids in Chipinge. She said she can also heal cancer using her healing powers.

Return of the two men

Dadirai said when she was performing the ritaul for Rowai in Runde river, she met two men in the spirit who were taken by mermaids 46 years ago, who appeared to her and asked her to assist them to be returned to their homes. The two men told her they were Kizito Chimhara and Mubati.

Dadirai said she spoke to the men in the spirit and informed them that she was only there for Rowai’s ritual. She left them in the land of the mermaids.

The Chimhara family later followed Dadirai to Chipinge to find out more about their relative. Dadirai said she informed the relatives that a ritual needed to be performed which involved a red cloth and $10 000. If the mermaids took this money and the cloth, this meant their relatives would be returned.


Dadirai said she took sand from Runde river and placed it in Chegwiti dam which is closer to her home. Dadirai said she then went into a cave and spoke to her ancestors to request the mermaids to move the two men from Runde river to Chegwiti dam.

There was a missive hailstorm as the mermaids moved the two men from Runde river to the dam. After this, Dadirai advised the Chimhara family to come for the ritual. The Mubati family also came and paid money for the mermaids and asked to be part of the ritual.

Dadirai said she fasted for a whole year for the ritual to be performed ( She only drank water, tea and ate biscuits). She said the two families are so poor that they could not afford to pay her anything although she had charged them 12 cows each for the ritual.

In June, Dadirai said she performed the ritual. When the two men came out, they were totally naked. They are currently covered in blankets as their hands and feet are too brittle to wear clothes.

She said the two men came out with fish like scales around their bodies.  Dadirai cleans these scales daily. She said she will need to keep the two men for two years before they become normal human beings.

About Zimbabwe Mermaids

Otiria said mermaids are real and are part of Zimbabwe’s heritage. She said mermaids live in caves under the mountains and move around in whirlwinds. She said when someone is taken by mermaids, they are also eventually turned into mermaids.

She said when a person is taken, a huge python licks the lower body and the person’s legs are joined together or turned into animal legs.

Dadirai added that one of the men who was returned was left with only a short time before he became a full mermaid. His legs are currently stuck together and the traditional healers are busy performing rituals to unjoin the legs.

She said there are many people in the rivers who were taken by mermaids, who have not been returned because their relatives have not done rituals for them.

Government Assistance

Dadirai asked the government to assist with the two men who were returned by mermaids as she is a widow and she can not afford to keep them until they are full restored.

She appealed to the President to assist as she does not know the impact of the return of these men on the spiritual foundations of the country.


Dadirai said she left Rowai, who was returned after 40 years, with the lead traditional healer as she was an assistant on the ritual. She said Rowai’s family was poor and they could not pay the mermaids and the mermaids were angered by that.

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