Matavire brother slams Drewmas Media over Matavire tombstone

Paul Matavire’s brother Hamlet has slammed Drewmass media over the late musician’s grave.

Hamlet said there are attention seekers who made the Matavire family members look bad, talking about a tombstone for Paul.

He said the same people showed a video saying they were going to deliver the tombstone but until today “asikaboni untshintsho”.

Matavire said he is not begging for handouts but people should stop using social media to humiliate.

“I am not saying we want hand-outs but people must not seek likes and retweets by humiliating other people and not fullfil on your promise”.

“@DrewmasM,I am yet to see a step on your promise. As a family, we will erect the tombstone but you maybe sued.

“You pretended to be acting in good faith but all you did was manipulate my grandmother and in the process humiliating the family for your own benefit.”