Huge Billboard Nearly kills 7 in Zambia

Seven mobile money agents in Kitwe, Zambia  cheated death after a Giant Billboard collapsed on their booths following strong winds.


The Billboard was opposite the Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice ZIP-SIP and near ZESCO head offices in the Central Business District of Kitwe.


Media practitioners in Zambia  found some passersby trying to save a car which was packed under the Billboard by lifting it using their bare hands because the owner of the vehicle was not at the scene.


And speaking to ZNBC News, MARY CHISHALA a Mobile Money Agent said the billboard collapsed while she was inside the booth.


Ms CHISHALA explained that she heard a loud bang on her booth and in the process of trying to get out lost 2,500 Kwacha.


Another Agent THELMA MAKAI said she also lost her agent Phone after the billboard collapsed because she was in panic.


ALICE MUKOSHA who lost both an agent phone and five thousand kwacha appealed to the Council to constantly inspect other billboards in the Central Business District to save the lives to citizens.