Ezra Tshisa Sibanda slams Econet for poor network services

Former radio presenter and Highlanders’ life member Ezra “Tshisa” Sibanda has slammed Econet for offering poor network services.

Posting on Facebook, Sibanda said Econet data is pathetic, this company is fraud.

“Its expensive, very useless and has failed its customers. Today the data has not been working since around 5pm and no word from this unscrupulous company. We still don’t have Internet yet we paid for it. The service is deplorable, network the worst in Southern Africa.

“The inconvenience caused is shocking, they don’t care and keep raising their tariffs. This situation is greatly inconvenient since my business and leisure activities have a heavy reliance on reliable access to the internet but let down by econet. Its ironic that although clients have a choice of options on the service that they want, they have to rely on rubbish flopping Zim networks.

“Econet continues to milk their clients letting them down, with poor network, data bundles disapearing, money dissapearing from ecocash wallet. Now we are unable to use the data bundles we purchased and won’t be reimbursed.

“The Government of Zimbabwe needs to open an office of fair trading to monitor companies like econet which are very unprofessional and keep scamming their customers. Its time for the government to license other players and stop protecting Econet and Netone yet they have failed the people of Zimbabwe for years”.